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Wisbech St. Mary

Wisbech St. Mary

Church of England Academy
Diocese of Ely Multi-Academy Trust

2021-2022 Autumn Term

Autumn 1 

Week 1

What an amazing first week we have had in Hudson! Meeting the children in their homes and then starting to get to know them in class has been lovely. We have had a great couple of days in school and all of the children have settled really well. They have enjoyed exploring the classroom and the outdoor area, getting to know one another and making new friends.

Creating in the mud kitchen, pouring in the water trays, digging in the sand, building obstacle courses, making different shaped train tracks, self portraits with loose parts, experimenting with water colour painting, creating collages with pasta, shapes and beads, riding bikes and scooters, building and counting with Duplo, reading books in the story tent, practising making and writing our names, playing instruments to nursery rhymes and singing songs... are just some of the things we have done this week. No wonder we are all so tried! 




Week 2

We've had lots of fun in Hudson this week. Outside, we put on performances for our friends... dancing, singing and playing musical instruments, we made delicious snacks in the mud kitchen and explored capacity in the water trays.

Inside, the children loved accessing the craft resources to create their own paintings, collage pictures and sculptures using card tubes, pipe cleaners, feathers and beads. We made patterns in the play-dough and sculpted some amazing dinosaurs.

We had our first forest school session this week...and we loved it! The children enjoyed climbing branches, using rope swings, exploring dens and looking for mini beasts. After lots of fun, we finished off the session nicely with a story around the firepit and a carton of milk.




Week 3

What a wonderful week we’ve had again in Hudson this week. We have been learning about harvest this week. We have explored different vegetables using the five senses, looking at size and shape of these. Inside, the children have been paint printing with different colours using different sized potatoes. We have been reading the story ‘Incredible you’ and had the opportunity to use puppets from the story. With this we looked at ourselves and our family around us. Hudson class have been doing some wonderful number work this week by showing their excellent counting skills.

With learning about harvest, we have been looking at scarecrows and the purpose of these. Hudson class have made their very own scarecrow. We have been also learning the song ‘Dingle Dangle Scarecrow’ for the harvest festival next week; we have also been learning different actions too for the song.

At the end of the week, we have had a brilliant time in forest school again. We have been exploring the forest area, swinging on the tree swings and had a lovely story within the trees to end the week. 

Week 4

We've had another wonderful week in Hudson class.
We have been exploring autumn this week. We have been exploring conkers and making autumn leaf men using our imaginations. We even had some conker shells to explore, which was really fun. We looked at pine cones as these can be found on the ground this time of year. Hudson class spoke about different animals that we would see more of this time of year also.
Hudson class have been thinking about our emotions this week and reading the colour monster. This was where the monster had different colours for different emotions, we then thought about what would make us feel that way and what we could do when we feel some of these emotions. We listened carefully to these emotion words and sounded them out together. We even tried to write some of them independently.
Hudson have also been counting and learning to subtilise to 4. This is where we can recognise quickly the amount without the need to count.
Hudson class have be creative and have been using our fine motor skills by threading beads onto pipe cleaners and then hanging these within the classroom to create a bead mobile.
Unfortunately we only had a short amount of time in forest school this week due to the rain, but had great fun walking back in the rain and jumping in the puddles with our Wellington boots on.

Week 5

We started the week with a number walk around the playground, where the children looked high and low for numbers that could be hiding from us. Some were down low and some were up high, but we found them! We have been practising our counting using autumn objects, recognising numbers and ordering them correctly.

In Literacy, we have been learning about the Little Red Hen. We have been retelling the story using a story map and actions. The children have done so well practising this and are beginning to use lots of expression. We have also been learning about hens and writing labels for them. We explored some chicken feathers and eggs, and learnt about what they eat and how they live.

We have also been learning about autumn and hibernation. The children have loved finding out about the animals that hibernate. In forest school, we made dens that would be suitable for a long sleep through the winter.


Week 6

In Hudson, we have been learning about Autumn and hibernation, exploring pumpkins, making patterns and learning the story, The Little Red Hen. We have practised retelling the story together, using a story map along with many actions. The children have put a lot of effort and expression into this and we are very proud of them. As a class, we looked at the recipe the Little Red Hen used for making her bread and wrote our own ingredients lists. We then enjoyed making our own loaves of bread, by following the recipe carefully. The children took a slice of bread home with them and we saved the rest to have toasted with butter, the next morning…it was delicious!

When we looked at the animals hibernating, we talked about a hedgehog and read the story, Don't Hog the Hedge. We then went on a walk around school to spot signs of autumn, while doing this we collected leaves and once back in the classroom we made a hedgehog using the leaves we collected on the walk.   In forest school, we have enjoyed observing and exploring the seasonal changes in the natural environment, making hibernation dens and creating repeating patterns with the natural resources.  


Week 7

This week we have continued our Autumn theme. On Monday we all went on an Autumn walk around the village. On the green behind the church, we did lots of rummaging amongst the fallen leaves and found many conkers of different sizes, which we took back to class to sort, count and compare. We sorted and grouped various autumn objects and compared the length, shape and size of them, saying which was longer/shorter or bigger/smaller.
The children enjoyed decorating some delicious pumpkin biscuits Mrs Agger had made for them. They used different autumn coloured icing to decorate their biscuits with, then were able to take them home.  Our story of the week was The Owl Babies. We practised sequencing pictures from the book and retold the story together. The children have all been working very hard in our phonics sessions and it's lovely to see their confidence growing as they are making progress.

We've had a wonderful first half term. The children settled in so well and we have loved getting to know them in class. They have played and worked hard and I think it's safe to say we are all exhausted!






Autumn 2

Week 8

In Hudson class we've had a busy first week back. This week has been Diwali which is the festival of light. We have learnt about what Diwali means and the different religion of Hinduism. Within this, we have looked at the story of Rama and Sita. Diwali is based on this story and the celebration that light triumphs over darkness or evil. Children have been exploring this story in the story suitcase.

With Diwali being the festival of lights, during this people make or buy a special lamp called a diva lamp. In Hudson class we have had the opportunity to make and decorate our very own diva lamps. Children used salt dough to make the light holder (diva lamp) and then these were baked in the oven. Children then used glitter, sequins and paint to decorate them. Also within this festival a Rangoli pattern is created outside the front door of the house to welcome in the Goddess Lakshmi. Children have been making their very own Rangloi patterns this week using coloured rice which has been glued onto paper Rangoli patterns. Another tradition of this festival is where feet templates are decorated to also welcome the Goddess Lakshmi into the home, children have decorated their own feet for Lakshmi. We even had chance to see and dress in a saree, which is an outfit worn typically in India.

Also this week we had an opportunity to do a Frog Life session. In this we explored the natural environment looking for things like habitats and wildlife. We also have been comparing numbers this week. To end the week we had our usual Forest school session which, as always, we loved.

Week 9

This week in Hudson class we have been learning about Remembrance Day and what this means. We have been learning about how men went to fight in WW1 to fight for our freedom. We spoke about how soldiers lost their lives in this war. We also spoke about how we remember these men on the 11th hour on the 11th November every year. We also talked about how we remember other soldiers from other subsequent wars like WW2. We discussed the symbol of Remembrance Day being a red poppy and how the poppies grew and now grow on the fields where the soldiers fought and many lost their lives.

With learning about Rememebrance Day we have been reading the story 'Where the Poppies now Grow' and talking about what has happened to the soldiers in the book. We looked at the field of poppies and described what we could see within the picture and used our word building skills to write down words to describe the picture.

When we learnt about poppies and how they represent remembrance we then made our own poppies using coloured paper and paint. We were able to cut the poppies out and then put paint on them to create the affect of the flower. Children in Hudson class also printed their own poppies using paint. Some children also made a poppy with buttons, pipe cleaners and lollipop sticks. We read the story 'Flo of the Somme' which was about animals and how they were used in the war. We discussed the use of the purple poppy to remember the animals that lost their lives too. Hudson class then read the story 'The Christmas Truce' which told children about the truce that we held on Christmas Day to play a football match.

With Remembrance Day being on Thursday we went to church to a Remembrance service and the children were amazing as always. Throughout the week the children have been pretending to be the 'teacher' in class and teach phonics to the others. Children have been taking it in turns to play the 'teacher' to word build with the sounds we have learnt so far.

Finally in maths we have been looking at our numbers and counting to 10. We looked at the sequence of the numbers using a rhyme called 'One elephant went out to play' which the children loved. 

Week 10

This week in Hudson class we have been busy looking at Maps and finding out different places where Ted our travelling teddy has been. Children looked at world and UK maps along with looking at a map of Wisbech St Mary to see where we live. Children then went around the village, following the map, to locate things on the map. Children, once back in the classroom, were able to build or draw their own maps. We read the book 'Me on the Map' and created our own bedroom maps, where the children labelled different drawn objects. Children even used a picture of themselves to place onto the maps to show where they would be.

In maths we have been looking at one more and one less for numbers to 10. Children rolled a dice to find a number and then they made this number using cubes. Children then added one more cube to show one more or removed a cube to find one less. We have also been having fun drawing around and talking about different shapes.

We read the wonderful story of 'We're going on a Bear Hunt' this week which the children loved. We then created a story map to retell and sequence the story. The children were then able to create their own story maps in class using the same story. Some children even began to make up their own stories using the story map we hadn't used in class. Children loved this story and could remember the different parts very well. 'We can't go over, we can't go under it, we have to go through it' the children loved this repeating part of the story.

To finish the week we had spotty Day for Children in Need. Children had the opportunity to design their own Pudsey bear which they did with great precision. Children learnt all about what Children in Need is about and why we raise money. Children really enjoyed eating their cake this afternoon, there was lots of chocolate faces in class.

Week 11

This week we had a visitor in class who left us a message. We read the message on the board which was ‘Can you help me get back to the family tree?’ Beside the message there was Stick Man. We then read the story by Julia Donaldson and discovered what journey Stick Man had been on. The children decided he needed to get back to the family tree, so we put our Wellington boots on and went looking for the family tree. The children decided what we needed to look for on the trees, like a hole in the trunk or the stick family. We found the three stick children near a tree on the field and brought them into the warm classroom. Once back in the classroom we made a story map for the story and wrote about what Stick Man had been doing. Children then explored the story further on the story suitcase and tuff tray!

Children then made their very own stick men using toilet roll tubes, pipe cleaners and paint. Children took care with the faces they painted and then cut the hair using scissors. We finally put on a leaf at the back of the hair to represent Stick Man.

In maths we have been looking at the total when two amounts of objects were added together. Children counted each amount and then added them, they put them into a number sentence using the addition and equal sign.

We also started pen disco this week, which we loved.

Week 12

This week in Hudson we have been looking at shape. We have looked at rectangles and squares, we have been talking about the differences between these shapes and how we can tell if it is a square or rectangle. We then went on a shape hunt around school to see what squares and rectangles we could see. Children have been making their own shapes in the classroom by using loads of different materials. 
We have been exploring the frost and ice this week as it's starting to get colder. We looked at how the water melts and we spoke about how it freezes in the first place. 
We had another visitor this week in class, a naughty donkey came in and made such a mess! We talked about donkeys and looked at the nativity story 'The First Christmas.' In the story suitcase we have the nativity to explore and retell using the nativity figures, we have had such fun with this. We have been looking at the story map and have created some actions for each part of the story.  
We have also been creating candy canes using pipe cleaners and beads. We threaded the beads onto the pipe cleaner in the pattern we wanted to create, and then bent the top over to make the shape of the candy cane. 
We have also written a class letter to Santa and have posted it, can't wait to see if we get a reply! He will be so pleased to receive these. 
On Wednesday we had another visitor, Elfie our class elf. He brought us a note and some wonderful chocolate coins, they were so tasty. 

Week 13

This week in Hudson class we have continued to learn about shape. We have looked at triangles and circles this week, looking at the properties of these shapes. With the shapes we have learnt about, we then made a shape pictures.

Children have been busy making snowflakes and Christmas trees. We used different materials to decorate the Christmas tree and our cutting skills to make our snowflakes ready for Christmas. Children have taken care to colour and stick sequins on the Christmas tree to make it look festive.

This week we have continued to learn 'The First Christmas' story and have been able to explore this further in the story suitcase. We have sequenced the Christmas story and have used our phonics to write about one part of the story. We have learnt about why Christmas is important for Christians to celebrate the birth of baby Jesus. We looked at the full Christmas story and spoke about how Mary and Joseph took baby Jesus to Egypt, we looked at the Pyramids of Giza and talked about these and where they are located.

We have read the story 'Twas the Night Before Christmas' and spoke about Santa and what the children like to do the night before Christmas. We spoke about what we like to leave out for Santa and his reindeers. In the story we heard the names of the 8 reindeer and then Rudolph too, we spoke about how Rudolph is different.

Also this week we have been busy completing the nativity recording ready for everyone. 

We have also had a visit from Solo the pony and Betsy the donkey. We were able to stroke these animals if we wanted to and learnt about them. They were so friendly, they even brought us a treat!

During the week we have been creating our Christmas tree for the Christmas tree festival in church. Children have been painting parts of the Christmas tree carefully. We are going to put the candy canes on from a few weeks ago as decorations.

Week 14

This week in Hudson class we were greeted by a big puddle of water in the classroom. We discovered some naughty snowmen had been throwing snowballs at each other. In the warm classroom the poor snowman had melted and left the puddle inside. We talked about changes of state from snow to water. We then read the Snowman story and made our very own snowman wreaths. We have also been writing our list for Father Christmas too, the children have done some amazing writing.

On Monday Hudson class made their very own Christingle. We used oranges, sticks, sweats and red tape to make these. We then had a service with all the other DEMAT schools to celebrate this time of year, we enjoyed listening to and joining in with the songs.

In the story suitcase we have been exploring the Polar Express story and have been making our own train tracks for the story. We really enjoyed reading this story together in class.

We have made some delicious Christmas biscuits this week. We weighed out the correct amounts, mixed the mixture together and then cut this into biscuits. We then decorate these the next day when they were cooled. We had great fun eating them at the Christmas party we had on Friday too.

On Thursday we had the amazing opportunity to watch a pantomime called Jack and the Beanstalk, this was really good and had lots of songs to sing along to.

Over the last two weeks we have been making Christmas cards. We used our skills of cutting and shape knowledge to make the tree. We hope you love them as much as we do.

We have also read the story 'Ten little elves,' They needed to help each other to wrap the presents, children counted out how many elves it would take to wrap each present.

We have also been painting this week although not with a brush, we used our fingers to create Christmas lights using different colours and making this into a pattern. The children worked really hard at this.

Finally look at our Christmas tree for the Christmas tree festival, doesn’t it look amazing. Well done Hudson class.

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