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Wisbech St. Mary

Wisbech St. Mary

Church of England Academy
Diocese of Ely Multi-Academy Trust

2018-2019 Summer: Fee-Fi-Fo-Fum!

An exciting start to the term...! 

The children were really excited to return following the Easter break to discover a grand entrance to our classroom and an immersive role play area! Our environment has been carefully planned and resourced to allow children opportunities to independently apply and consolidate their recent learning. Take a look at our indoor and outdoor environment gallery!      









Weeks 1 & 2 

Within adult-led focus groups, we have: 

  •  Compared features of traditional tales.
  • Secured our understanding of place value within 2-digit numbers.  
  • Planted our beanstalks.
  • Written captions to match images from the story of Jack and the Beanstalk.
  • Thought carefully about who were the friends of Jesus. Why was Jesus friends with some unpopular people? 
  • Suggested how we have changed as we have grown. We have thought about which changes we have been able to choose and those which we are unable to choose. 

Within our environment, we have independently... 

  • Worked with peers to re-tell the story of Jack and the Beanstalk using props and drama. 
  • Designed, created and evaluated parachutes for Jack to descend from the top of the beanstalk using STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) learning. 
  • Used beans to support us in finding number bonds to 20 and making links to how our knowledge of number bonds to 10 can help us find these. 
  • Explored real plants using magnifying glasses to identify the roots, stem, leaves and flowers. We then carefully drew our plant and labelled the key parts. 
  • Continued to secure our phonic knowledge through a range of activities which have included seeing how many sound pebbles we can find in the sand using the 1 minute timer! Our challenge has been to improve on our previous score... but we must make sure we say each sound before finding the next one! 
  • Used problem solving and reasoning skills to build the Giant's castle using the block play area. 
  • Found missing numbers on the outdoor 100 square using our knowledge of number and place value. 
  • Cared for our beanstalks by making sure they have water, light and are being kept in the right temperature. 

See our provision gallery for our learning in action! 

Weeks 3 and 4

Our learning within adult-led focus groups has included:

  • Creating a story path to re-tell the story of Jack and the Beanstalk using the Talk 4 Writing approach.
  •  Writing our own recounted versions of the story.
  • Practising our addition skills using a range of methods including concrete resources and the number line.  
  • Identifying evergreen and deciduous trees. 
  • Explored the message of forgiveness within the Bible. We know that Jesus teaches us to forgive and we have shared our experiences of when we have forgiven others. 
  • Begun to understand that an Algorithm is a sequence of clear instructions which must be completed in order to make something happen. We have used the free to access 'Isle of Tune' online to create a sequence of steps to make our own tune and beat. 

Independent learning opportunities have included... 

  • Exploring the work of an American artist called Georgia O'Keefe who is best known for her paintings of nature, especially of magnified flowers. The children have painted their own versions which rival the originals! 
  • Further opportunities to secure place value and number knowledge. Children have challenged themselves to choose a raffle ticket and represent the number using Base 10. Many children were able to confidently represent 3-digit numbers! 
  • Using our outdoor washing line to practise counting in 2s. 
  • Developing our knowledge of values of coins and notes within our farm shop. Children have written shopping lists and have been able to use a range of coins to make different values. 
  • Applying our phonic knowledge by playing hide and seek with miniature figures from Jack and the Beanstalk hidden under paper cups. Children have taken turns with friends to say the sound on the base of the cup before seeing if they are a winner! 
  • Continuing to care for our growing beanstalks, radishes and plants in our outdoor area. We have been excited to see the roots beginning to develop on our beans! 

New photos added to our provision gallery! 


Week 5

Our focus group learning this week has included... 

  • Telling the  time to o' clock and half past. We began by using a linear number line to 12 to represent the clock. Using a single short arrow to represent the hour hand, we were able to confidently say the time to o' clock. We quickly learnt that when the hour hand is in the middle of two numbers this means it is half past! We have linked our learning to the story called 'The Bad Tempered Ladybird' who meets different animals at different times. As Mrs Welbourne read the story, we made the times on our individual geared clocks. Finally, we have developed our reasoning and problem solving through reading word problems and finding the difference between given times! 

  • We have explored the structure of a Cinquain poem and have become poets through writing our own versions. Within our Cinquains, we have used Nouns, Adjectives, Verbs and even a synonym! 


  • E-safety... Our ICT focus this week has been to develop our understanding of how we can make sure we stay safe when using the internet and playing online games. We have thought carefully about the kinds of information we should and shouldn't share along with who we can go to if we are worried about anything we see online. The following clip is age appropriate for children aged 5-7 years.

Independent learning opportunities have included... 

  • Creating an aerial design (geography) of a garden which includes common garden plants (science). We have been able to identify and include plants such as Lupins, Sunflowers, Heather, Lavender and many more! 
  • Highest number wins with dominoes! In pairs, we have taken it in turns to choose 2 dominoes and then used our knowledge of addition to write number sentences to find our total score. The person with the highest score could keep them all! 
  • Writing book reviews of well known stories. 
  • Observational drawings of our growing plants. 
  • Designing a 'window into another world' to complete our entries to the Book Trust competition. We have almost finished our class novel 'The Adventures of the Wishing Chair' which we have absolutely loved! Our designs are our own interpretations of Molly, Peter and Chinky's adventures! 

New photos added to the gallery. Please take a look! 


Week 6

Our learning within adult focus groups has included... 

  • Recognising the values of different coins and notes. We have enjoyed wearing our money belts within the classroom and have used these within the role play areas and also to 'purchase' our daily snack. Mrs Welbourne and Mrs Albutt have challenged us to find different ways to make the same amount using different combinations of coins. Within this, we have also been able to practise our skills of counting in 2s, 5s and 10s! 
  • We have been busy writing a diary entry from the perspective of the giant in Jack and the Beanstalk. We have debated whether he really was the 'bad' character in the story or whether Jack was actually the one in the wrong! We have used drama and role play to immerse ourselves in the story and help us in being able to imagine how the giant was feeling. Finally, we wrote using First Person and past tense to create our diary entries. 
  • Practising our fabulous phonics using our Story Time Phonics. Each sound is linked to a rich text and has an accompanying 'caption action'. We have loved listening to the stories and learning phonics outdoors! 
  • Exploring rhythm and pitch within our topic based music sessions. Each lesson is based on a song which re-tells a key part of the story of Jack and the Beanstalk. 

Independent learning opportunities have included... 

  • Creating our own personal cinquain poems about ourselves. 
  • Independently retelling the story of the bad tempered ladybird and making times on a clock. 
  • Labelling the 5 oceans on a map of the world. 
  • Developing our knowledge of place value and 2-digit numbers through playing Bingo! 
  • Playing board games and developing our communication and turn taking skills. 

Week 7 

Focus group activities this week have been... 

  • To develop our understanding of fractions. We have been practising finding a quarter and a half of different amounts. We know that each group has to have an equal amount and have used our knowledge of odd and even numbers to explain why some numbers are easier to halve than others! 
  • We have explored features of instructions and can explain that we must include a title, list, numbered steps and sequential words! We had great fun following instructions to make biscuits and then, once we had eaten them, wrote our instructions to share with others! 
  • Carrying out a practical experiment to compare how plants grow when they have different conditions. We are going to observe the differences in plants which have no light, water or soil! 

Independent learning opportunities have included... 

  • Using pipe cleaners and beads to support us in practising our addition skills. 
  • Using our new whiteboards to practise our pre-cursive letter formation. Mrs Welbourne and Mrs Albutt are amazed at how quickly our handwriting is improving! 
  • Using the IWB to play 'Place Value Basketball' - we use our knowledge of tens and ones to choose the right ball to throw in the hoop! This game is free to access and can be found at...

Week 8 and 9

Our focus groups have included... 

  • Inspired by the arrival of our class chicks, we have enjoyed reading 'Dr K Fisher'. The animals in the book write to Dr Fisher with a problem. We explored the letter that the ladybird had written and innovated this to write a letter from our noisy chicks! Next week, we will take on the role of Dr K Fisher and reply with some advice! 
  • We have used our secure knowledge of fractions to help us learn and understand position and direction. We have been practising our quarter, half and three quarter turns along with recognising the difference between clockwise and anti-clockwise. 
  • Our art work has been inspired by Van Gogh! We studied his famous painting of sunflowers and then used pastels to create observational drawings of our own versions. 
  • Our STEM challenge has been to creatively use a range of materials to build a house that the big bad wolf can't blow down! We used cocktail sticks, lolly sticks, cotton wool, play-do and much more! We used problem solving and reasoning skills to explain why some materials were better than others. 
  • In RE, we have been thinking carefully about which qualities make a good leader. 
  • Understanding and explaining things we can do to help us stay healthy. We have considered which foods are healthy and which are unhealthy. 

Our independent learning has included... 

  • Writing creatively to describe and predict using a picture stimulus. A range of wonderful images are free to access via the link below. These make great prompts for discussion and support developing prediction and inference skills.

  • Using a range of equipment and resources within the classroom to complete multiplication calculations. 
  • Using our puppet theatre to retell traditional tales! 
  • Word searches to practise our common exception words. 
  • Making fruit kebabs with a repeating pattern!