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Wisbech St. Mary

Wisbech St. Mary

Church of England Academy
Diocese of Ely Multi-Academy Trust

2019-2020 Spring: Frozen Planet

This term we will become explorers and travel to the North Pole! Our learning will include... 

  • Exploring the life, expeditions and explorations of Robert Falcon Scott. 
  • Locating hot and cold areas of the world in relation to the equator and the North and South Poles. 
  • Comparing an arctic town with our own local area. 
  • How animals adapt to their habitats. 
  • To understand how and why materials can change state, linking to our learning of heat and ice. 
  • Exploring the work of Nerys Levy and creating our own images of arctic landscapes using her work as a stimulus. 
  • Exploring the religion of Sikhism and making comparisons with Christianity. 
  • Using clay to create models of Inukshuks. Learning how and why the Inuit community build these. 
  • Exploring the phenomenon of the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) and using mixed media art skills to create our own images. 
  • Developing our ICT skills to research, create images and our understanding of how and why we stay safe when using the internet. 

Alongside the pre-planned learning, children's interests will be followed and embraced.  Additional activities will be planned 'in the moment' to support child-led learning.