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Wisbech St. Mary

Wisbech St. Mary

Church of England Academy
Diocese of Ely Multi-Academy Trust

2020- 2021 Spring term

Spring 1

Lockdown Learning

Week 1- The Tiger Who came to tea 

Our focus this week was The Tiger Who Came to Tea.  We had lots of fun making and decorating tiger masks, retelling the story, making lists of the foods the tiger ate and thinking about our own favourite foods. We did lots of maths, thinking about one more than and one less than, as well as going on a number hunt around the school, the classroom, our homes and outside.


Week 2- The Very Hungry Caterpillar

This week our focus was The Very Hungry Caterpillar. We had such a busy week! We learned about the life cycle of a butterfly, sequenced the story, made symmetrical butterfly paintings, made beautiful butterflies with playdough and made paper chain caterpillars, where we counted the amount of body links he had. As well as all these things, we made our own addition number sentences using dice and number cards.


Week 3- Goldilocks & the three bears

Our focus this week was Goldilocks and the Three Bears. We made story maps to help us retell the story. We pretended that we were Goldilocks and wrote a letter to the Three Bears to tell them how sorry we were for going into their house and disturbing their things.  

We made the characters from the story using cardboard tubes and decorations, and furniture for the Bears using the large wooden blocks. We found out about different bears from around the world and which countries they come from. We tried porridge with different toppings and found things around the classroom and our homes, to measure with different cubes, Lego bricks and other measuring objects. What a busy week!


Week 4- Rumble in the Jungle 

Our focus this week was Rumble in the Jungle. In English, we looked at rhyming words in the storybook and thought about words that sound the same. We also looked at alliteration in the story. We thought about words that start with the same sound as our names and some of our favourite animals. In maths, we learned about patterns around us and we made many of our own repeating patterns, using blocks, beads and string, paint, counters, paper chains and pegboards. We also made repeating pattern spiral snakes and patterns with natural objects, as well as making our own masks and researched different animals using books and the internet.


Week 5- The Great toy sale 

This week In Hudson, our focus has been pets and money. We have set up our own pet or toyshops and used real coins to buy different things, counting the pennies carefully each time we buy something. We have thought about our perfect pet...what animal it would be, what its name would be and we thought about adjectives we could use to describe our pets. We have also been thinking about how we can express ourselves and how we are feeling. This included dressing up in our choice of clothing, being colourful and thinking about movement and dance through which we can express our feelings. Another great week in Hudson!

Week 6-  Chinese New Year 

We have so much fun in Hudson this week, learning about Chinese New Year, which is on Friday 12th February.  We learned about China and The Chinese New Year and made posters using books and the internet to research. In maths, we looked at the story of the animal race and ordered the animals into the positions they finished the race, using 1st, 2nd, 3rd etc. We looked at Chinese numbers and had a go at writing them correctly, as well as working with money and coins again to fill the lucky red money envelopes. As well as these activities, we have made colourful lanterns, made Chinese hand fans, built our own Great Wall of China and made our own dragons and dragon dances. Another great week in Hudson!


Spring 2

Lockdown learning 

 Week 1- The Colour Monster

Our focus this week was The Colour Monster.  We read the story and thought about different feelings we might have and what makes us feel that way. First, we focused on the emotion of happiness and thought about what things make us happy. We created feelings posters, made up our own emotion dances, and made colour monsters with playdoh. We enjoyed telling our own stories about what the colour monster might do next, and made story maps to help us retell the adventures. Postcards were written to people we care about, telling them how much we miss them. We did lots of subtraction activities in Maths, taking away with the Colour Monster and enjoyed sharing groups of objects out equally and fairly, between friends or toys.


Week 2- Dragons, Princesses & Knights

This week our focus was Knights, Dragons and Princesses. We made up stories and thought about who the main character would be and where the story might be set. We made story maps to show what happened in the story and what adventures the main character had. On Tuesday, we wrote invitations for our Royal Tea Party, remembering to include when and where the party was. We also created beautiful crowns or shields to wear at our party. On Wednesday morning, we made biscuits together and decorated them with icing and sprinkles ready for our party in the afternoon. Our home/school online royal party was great! We wore our crowns, ate our delicious biscuits and played some games. It was a lot of fun!


Back to school!

Week 3 - Spring is springing!

It's been so great to all be back together in the classroom! We have loved spending time together again and it's been lovely to see the children having lots of fun. 

We have been looking at the changing seasons and the changed we can see around us now it is Spring time. Hudson went on a scavenger hunt around the school and the village to see if they could spot the different signs of spring! In Maths, the children looked at sorting the things we collected in different ways. The children looked at grouping and sorting  them in different ways. We sorted them into size and into different colours.

Week 4- Science Week 

Hudson Class have been making flitter jars this morning, for our experiment during Science week.  The children filled their jars with water and added glitter & sequins to their jars.  They then explored what happened when they shook their jars slowly and quickly.  The children then added food colouring, using pipettes, to the water and talked about how the colours of the glitter looked different.  The children then explored the jars using the light pad and looked at how the glitter sparkled in the light. They also looked at how the glitter swirled round when they mixed the food colouring in.  

In Literacy, we have been writing about our Mummies, in preparation for Mother's Day. We have been thinking about what makes our mums special & why we love them!

Week 5- Easter 

This week, Hudson have enjoyed learning about the Easter story. The children have beenlooking at the Christian celebration of Palm Sunday too and talking about the significance of this.  

We have also enjoyed hunting for Easter eggs at Forest School.