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Wisbech St. Mary

Wisbech St. Mary

Church of England Academy
Diocese of Ely Multi-Academy Trust

2020-2021 Autumn Term

Autumn Term

Week 1 & 2- Settling in to Hudson Class

We have had a great first couple of weeks in Hudson Class and all of the children have settled really well. It has been lovely to get to know them this week and find out about their interests and the things they enjoy doing. The children have enjoyed sharing photos with one another and also their 'All About me' books that they completed over the Summer holidays at home.     

They have enjoyed exploring the classroom and the outdoor area, getting to know one another and making new friends. They have also had their first trip to the school library, where they have enjoyed looking at the different books and choosing one to take home!

The children have also made loose part self-portraits and we talked about the features of our faces. The children used glass beads for eyes, shells for hair and buttons for their mouth!

Week 3- Forest School

We  enjoyed our first trip down to Forest school this week and we were all very excited to get stuck in. 
The children loved it down there and  spent time making dens, climbing trees, searching and looking for bugs, making rope swings and even making pretend fires complete with leaf marshmallows!
The children also enjoyed an afternoon snack around the fire circle and enjoyed talking to one another about the things they had been doing. 

Week 4- Autumn 

This week, we have talked about the change in season and the changes we could see outside. The children knew the season was Autumn, so we talked about the changes in the weather, the changing colours of the leaves and the differences we might find.

We decided to go on an Autumn Adventure and have a look around the school field and the village. We took a nature scavenger hunt checklist with us and searched for different coloured leaves, pine cones, twigs, conkers, bark and flowers. The children collected lots of different leaves and we spent time  identifying the trees that the leaves had come from.

We have then added the things that we found during our walk to our classroom provision. We have been painting outlines of leaves, using the leaves and twigs in our salt dough and in the natural art area for children to have a go at creating pictures with.


Autumn 2

Week 1- Bonfire Night

We’ve had a great week in school, with the focus being shapes and fireworks. We learnt about 2D shapes and their properties, identifying and sorting them into groups. The children enjoyed playing shape games, making shape rockets pictures and shape printing with colourful paints. We learnt about Guy Fawkes and why we celebrate with fireworks on the 5th of November. Some children chose to make sparklers in forest school, where they wrapped and tied ribbons around their chosen sticks. We collected twigs and branches at forest school and took them back to class so we could make a bonfire in our outside area, where we toasted marshmallows and warmed our hands around the fire. The children also made fireworks and rockets with cardboard tubes, pipe cleaners, tinsel, shiny paper and ribbons. The children enjoyed becoming fireworks, dancing around making different body shapes and zooming into the sky with their firework sticks and fabrics. We thought about the different sounds that fireworks make and had a go at writing some of those words using our phonetic knowledge.

Week 2- Remembrance Day

This week, our focus has been on Remembrance Day and the importance of this.  We talked about the service men, women and the animals that have fought for us and that continue to do so to this day. We walked around the village and to the church to see the wreaths that had been laid. Hudson class decided that they wanted to make their own wreath too, so we went back to the church to lay ours too. We also printed poppies, read the story ‘Where Poppies Now Grow’ and made a giant Modroc poppy.

Week 4 – Ted’s Birthday

This week we have had a birthday party focus. As well as the continuous provision, the children had the opportunity to make all sorts of lovely things including birthday invitations, party food lists, party decorations, birthday Ted biscuits and party hats. We decided that it would only be right to finish off our week with a party for Ted, who was 4 this week!

The children made decorations and hats ready for Friday afternoon.  On Friday, we had party food, party music, lots of party games including pass the parcel, balloon team games and musical chairs, and of course a birthday cake! We even managed to find letters and sounds in our food!  The children had so much fun and really got into the party spirit. They made sure Ted was included in the party games too!

Week 5 – Stick Man

This week, we have been reading the story of Stick Man. It all started after somebody had left a trail of leaves in the classroom and had written us a message! The message said ‘Can you help me get back to my family tree?’  We all decided that it must be Stick Man who had left it for us and sure enough, it was!

We’ve been busy making Stick Man with sticks we collected at Forest School, making play dough Stick men and we made our own Stick Man small world in the tuff tray. We created a story map together and retold the story, as well as some of us choosing to have a go at making story maps ourselves. We made stick men with the loose parts on the light box and much, much more.

As well as looking at the story of Stick Man, we have also been learning about 3D shapes. We have built towers with our wooden 3D shapes and also our wooden blocks outside.  The children have started to learn their names and talk about their properties.

On Friday, we had lots of fun in the snow! The children enjoyed making and throwing snowballs, making snow angels and having lots of fun.

Week 6 - The Jolly Christmas Postman

This week we read The Jolly Christmas Postman together.  We thought about who the Jolly Postman delivered letters to and who we could write a letter to. We decided to write a letter to Santa!  We thought about what we would like to ask for, for Christmas and thought very carefully about how we would write our letter. 

We also created a wrapping department, where the elves could wrap presents and parcels. We cut different wrapping papers to fit different sized boxes and got them ready for delivery! 

We investigated the frozen tuff spot and ice in the outside area, looking at the changes that had happened to the water before and after adding paint and glitter to it. 

We loved decorating our class Christmas tree with tinsel, garlands and baubles. We even made a giant Christmas tree in forest school with branches of different lengths.


Week 7 - Christmas  

We started our week off by making our own Christingles, using oranges, a candle, red ribbon, cocktail sticks and raisins. We then lit the candles while attending a virtual Christingle service at Ely Cathedral that afternoon. 

We made lots of lovely decorations to hang on our Christmas trees at home, using shiny compact discs, glitter, ribbon, sequins and colourful beads. We also made paper chain decorations, where we counted the links carefully to make sure we had made at least ten.    

At forest school, we toasted marshmallows on our new fire pit! Everyone had a go at using the extending forks to toast the marshmallow over the fire safely.  We all enjoyed the sweet gooey treats on such a cold day!