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Wisbech St. Mary

Wisbech St. Mary

Church of England Academy
Diocese of Ely Multi-Academy Trust

2020-2021 Summer Term

Summer 1 

Week 1

What an amazing first week back we have had! We have all had so much fun playing and learning in the outside area this week, enjoying the beautiful sunny weather. We have had enjoyed playing in the water tray area, sandpit and even had some snack picnics in the outside area on blankets.  We have set up our new home role-play shed this week together, which the children have absolutely loved playing in. They have made breakfast and dinner, phoned friends and the doctors for appointments, made tea and cakes to invite friends round for a chat and lots more. 

We had a Literacy focus of rhyming words. We enjoyed reading rhyming books, singing nursery rhymes and identifying words that rhymed and thinking about the parts of the words that sound the same. 

Week  2- We are performers

This week, the children have made a stage in our outdoor area. They have enjoyed decorating the stage and have also been releasing their inner performers. We have been singing, acting & making our own music!  In Maths this week, we have been looking at simple addition and adding two single digit numbers together.  Using a dice, the children have created their own number sentences and using different resources to find the answers including unifix cubes and Rekenrek. 


Week 3- Minibeast Poems 

Our focus this week was writing our own minibeast poems. Once we had chosen a minibeast, we thought very carefully about what we could write about the creature and which rhyming words we could use.   

We painted minibeasts for our Growth Mindset display and experimented with colour mixing, using powder paints as well as watercolours. We used fine brushes to paint some observational pictures of some beautiful pink blossom as well as some colourful butterflies.  On Friday, we looked at ‘Austin’s Butterfly’. We saw how Austin managed to improve his observational drawing of a butterfly, by listening to the feedback given to him by his friends, and not giving up. We learned how to give specific feedback to our friends, and how to use that feedback to improve our own work. 

Week 4- Subraction

 This week we focused on subtraction. We made our own take away number sentences and used lots of different resources to help us solve the problems. We used our fingers, unifix cubes, rekenreks and number lines. We also enjoyed playing maths games and puzzles and using maths in our play.      

During our PE session this week, we got the wall bars out for the first time as well as some of the other gymnastics equipment including the benches, crash mats and the agility tables. Everyone was excited to experiment with the equipment and we challenged ourselves to have a go at trying new things.

Week 5- Magic potions

 This week we became witches and wizards and made our own magical potions. We thought about what special things we would mix in our cauldrons and wrote lists of ingredients for our potions.  We learned about capacity in maths and used different sized containers to measure our potions. We talked about whether our potion bottles were empty, half-empty, nearly full or full.  

Week 6- Time

 This week we have been thinking about time and how long it takes to do different things. We used sand timers that lasted for one and two minutes. We challenged ourselves to see how many times we could write our names, jump up and down, and other activities, in one minute. We thought about daily routines and what we do during our day. We talked about what time of the day we do things and then ordered the activities on time lines. 

In Forest school, we had fun exploring the spring plants that are blooming, making dens, creating potions with natural ingredients, climbing trees and using rope swings. 


Week 7- The Three Little Pigs

This week our focus has been on the story of 'The Three Little Pigs'. We have used Talk $ writing to learn the story, creating the story map together. During the week, we have made and decorated our own little pig biscuits. We talked about the amount of each ingredient we needed and then worked together to make the biscuits. 

We have also used the small world to retell the story of The Three Little Pigs as well as making our own little pig houses using the wooden blocks and junk modelling. 


Summer 2

Week 1 - Supertato

This week we have been working hard to defeat the Evil Pea!

Our theme has been Supertato and the children have been working hard to defeat the Evil Pea. The children decided to make jelly traps to catch the Evil Pea, so we walked to the shop to buy some jelly and set the traps up! They worked and the traps caught an army of little peas. We even had a visit from Supertato!

We have also been looking at halving in Maths this week. We have been halving amounts of different vegetables in a bid to defeat The Pea! The children have been sharing the vegetables into two equal groups.