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Wisbech St. Mary

Wisbech St. Mary

Church of England Academy
Diocese of Ely Multi-Academy Trust

2021-2022 Spring Term

We can't wait to show you each week what we have been doing in class. 

Week 1

What a busy first three days we have had. We have learnt about New Years resolutions and have even written our own New Years resolutions to try and keep this year. We have been looking at and writing our numbers this week. We have learnt about how different countries celebrate New Year's Eve and New Year's day, along with countries like China and Thailand who celebrate their New Years at a different time. With looking at different counties and how they celebrate this we have located these places on a globe and large floor map. We talked about how different places have traditions like Scotland singing 'Auld Lang Syne,' Argentina running around with a suitcase in their home to bring loads of travel for the year, Spain eating 12 grapes before midnight and Thailand having a water festival where they have a water fight in the streets. We then had fun with singing 'Auld Lang Syne' while crossing our arms and we then walked around with our Story suitcase to have a go at these traditions. We did not have a water fight even though the children really wanted to, was way to cold for that! 
With it being cold this week children have been having great fun in the frost and ice. Children enjoyed breaking the ice in the water tray. We ended the week with our PE session where we had great fun showing off the different ways we can move. 

Week 2

This week in Hudson class we have been learning about healthy eating. We have looked at different foods and how they are healthy or unhealthy. We have made rainbow plates and we have been creative with some fruit by painting with it. We have had a great time trying different fruits and vegetables, some were very nice and others were not our favourite. We have been matching pictures of fruit with the correct label of healthy and unhealthy. We also have been making and eating fruit kebabs, we thought really hard about what we wanted on our fruit kebabs.

We have been printing letters into playdough and practising our writing this week, Hudson class have been trying very hard with their phonics this week and have been attempting to spell our own words too.

In maths this week we have been learning about pictograms. We looked at a graph about favourite colours and could analyse this. We then made our very own pictogram to show our favourite fruit, we used a picture of our face to show which fruit we liked most. We could then count each section and decide on which was the most and least popular. Children then had a go on their own pictogram about their favourite colour.

We have also looked at the work of an artist this week. Continuing with our healthy eating theme, we looked at the Italian painter Giuseppe Arcimboldo who is best known for creating imaginative portrait made entirely of fruit, vegetables, flowers, fish and books. Children in Hudson class then created their own version of a fruit and vegetable portrait.

To end the week we had a great time in PE this week, unfortunately we were unable to use the hall so we did some yoga in the classroom, the children found this hilarious.

Week 3

This week in Hudson class we have been looking at Part whole models. We have been using these to show how two numbers add together to make the whole number. We have tried really hard with our addition skills. We have also been looking in depth at our numbers.

In the frost and ice this week, we had great fun going on a 'crunchy' walk on the frosty field. We observed and explored the ice again, using all of our senses to explore.

Hudson class had great fun with their painting this week. We have also been making obstacle courses. We have been making car tracks, pretend bonfires and toasting marshmallows. We also had fun with a parachute. We played 'Popcorn' with plastic balls and practised our phonics by travelling underneath the parachute when the initial sound of our name was called. Also this week children took an interest in rockets so we made some rockets and learn about them.

In our Story Suitcase and during this week we have begun to explore rhyme and rhythm. Children were then able to play a rhyming game to match the rhyming words.

Following on from our healthy eating week, this week we have been looking at teeth. We have explored how to keep our teeth healthy, thinking about the different foods and drink we consume. We also looked at brushing our teeth and going to the dentist. We spoke about milk and adult teeth, thinking about after milk teeth fall out we then have one more set of teeth to look after. We also had fun talking about the tooth fairy. We learnt about going to the dentist. We looked at teeth that were rotten and how teeth become deformed if the children suck their thumb or still suck a dummy. Children then had an opportunity to clean some teeth, thinking about the toothpaste and circular action. We also explored the large set teeth and dentist tools. We also had a dentist in the outdoor role play shed.

Week 4

This week in Hudson class we have been learning about weight. We learnt about how weighing scales balance if an object is the same weight. We learnt about how if the scales are unbalanced then the heavier object would be at the bottom and the lighter object would be at the top of the scales. We then had an opportunity to weigh our own objects to find heavier or lighter or equal (balanced) objects. We were brilliant at using this language. We then used our new skill to make some gingerbread men for us to eat, they were super tasty. 
In English this week we have been looking at the gingerbread man. We had some gingerbread men using our classroom to escape from all the animals that wanted to eat them. We learnt about the story of the gingerbread man and then wrote descriptive sentences. We were able to design our own gingerbread man, explore the story in the story suitcase and count the buttons on the gingerbread man to match to the correct baking tray number. We then looked at the instruction of 'How to make a Gingerbread Man' and rehearsed this using our text map and actions. We then made a gingerbread man mosaic using pieces of paper.
This week we have been learning about and exploring colour mixing. We learnt about the primary colours of red, blue and yellow. We also looked at how these primary colours make secondary colours of orange, green and purple. We then used our colouring mixing skills to recreate circle paintings by an artist called Wassily Kandinsky. We really enjoyed trying to stay his name and learning about the Russian artist. 
As always, we ended the week with our PE lesson, where we explored the wall climbing frame. We were so careful and listened so well. 


Week 5

This week in Hudson we have been learning about Chinese New Year. We looked at dragon and lion dances, we then made our own dragons too. We learnt about the zodiac calendar and how this year is the year of the tiger. We heard the Chinese New Year story to discover why each year had an animal named after it. In this we were able to see which animals crossed the river and in which order.

We then explored noodles and how we can pick these up using chopsticks. Children tried extremely hard to use the chopsticks.

As it was the year of the tiger we threaded black wool through the orange card to make the tiger stripes. We used needles and wool to complete the tiger.

We have been writing our very own instructions this week about how to make a dragon. We innovated the instructions we created last week for the gingerbread man, the children worked really hard.

In maths this week we have been exploring length. We looked to see if something is shorter or longer in length and have been able to order these.


Week 6

This week in Hudson class we have been learning about Capacity. We have been using the language of full, empty, half full, nearly empty and nearly full to explain how much capacity the jug, bottle or cup holds. We were able to show the capacity of full, empty, half full, nearly full and nearly empty by using jugs, bottles, cups and saucepans.

We have been learning about and reading the 'Love Monster' this week and how we love people in different ways. We discussed how we love friends and our family. We learnt the story using the story map and we then changed the story slightly by innovating. We even looked at the story on a story mountain to see how we have five parts to any story. Children were able to sequence the story and write a sentence about the Love Monster. We then explored the story further using the story suitcase.

This week we have been learning about Valentine's Day on the 14th February. We talked about St. valentines and how this created Valentine's Day. We talked about how different countries celebrate Valentine's Day and we looked at maps and labeled some of the countries on a world map.

The Love Monster story also went nicely with Mental Health week this week, we thought about how the Monster was sad and then happy. We spoke about the feelings of being sad, angry and anxious all the time and what to do if we feel like this.

Children have been writing loads this week and labelling other things in the classroom too. Also this week children have been writing a restaurant menu, making Play-dough lollypops, and making Love potions and exploring the hearts in the tuff tray.

We even had story time in the outside classroom and we had more parachute time where we were listening for sounds from our names.

We have been using potatoes to print hearts using various colours and patterns and we even made our own heart out of folding paper into the correct shape. Children really enjoyed this and took their time to fold and glue the correct areas of the paper.

As always we ended the week with our PE lesson where we played team games to think about how we can support each other.

Week 7

This week in Hudson class we have been focusing on the story of 'Room on the Broom' by Julia Donaldson. We looked at the story in detail and then we innovated our very own sentences using rhyming words. Children worked extremely hard at changing the rhyming words within these sentences. Children then wrote their own potions and were able to independently word build. With looking at this story we were able to become the characters in the story in the story suitcase and made potions with cauldrons in the tuff spot.
We also made exploding potions. We used vinegar, bicarbonate of soda and food colouring to make 'potions.' We saw the chemical reaction that happened when the bicarbonate of soda and vinegar get mixed together, when the alkaline and acid in these are mixed together it creates carbon dioxide. The children were fascinated with how it started to bubble and spill over the sides. 
This week children have been playing with gloop. We also had fun drawing around each other with chalk to make gingerbread men. They had so much fun. With thinking about the story we also made our very own wand using sticks, a star and ribbon. The ribbon was wrapped around the stick to make it magical. We also had a go at decorating our own witches hats. 
We then made a cauldron picture by mixing the primary colours to create a background effect. The children then stuck on their cauldron and painted shadowed grass too. They then stuck cotton wool on to create the bubbles and steam. 
In maths this week we have been looking at one more than and one less than a given number. With the theme of 'Room on a Broom' children added or removed animals to show one more than and one less than a given number. 
We were so intrigued when it hailed on Thursday afternoon. The outdoor classroom was covered. We talked about the tiny balls of ice that make hail and they children enjoyed watching it fall. 
To end the week we had our favourite PE lesson, we always have so much fun.

Week 8

This week in Hudson class we have been recognising our numbers in various ways. We used playing card to recognise the numbers and then were able to make number sentences. Our maths skills are amazing.

As it was pancake day on Tuesday we have been having a go at flipping pancakes (imitation pancakes) inside the frying pan. Children had a challenge to see how many they could flip in one minute. I must say the pancakes did end up everywhere but the children tried so hard. We learnt about strove Tuesday and explored pancakes, which was fun.

We have also made and decorated cupcakes for the ‘Mad Hatters tea party’ we had on Thursday for World Book day. The children looked amazing coming in all dressed as their favourite character from either ‘Alice in Wonderland’ or from their favourite story.

In the outdoor area we have been having fun with a big cardboard box, using this in many different ways. We even found a ladybird which had sadly passed away, so the children said kind words and buried him safely in the planting area. We then spoke about how ladybird spots identify their species not their age. Children also enjoyed removing their coats outside as the weather was a bit warmer. I think we are all looking forward to it becoming warmer. 

This week as we have been reading and exploring the ‘Alice in Wonderland’ story, we had an opportunity to explore and sequence the story in the story suitcase. We made a story map together as a class and some children then had a go at their own one. Children also drew and wrote sentences with adjectives in to describe a character from ‘Alice in Wonderland’. Children in Hudson class are now beginning to write their words and even their sentences independently which is brilliant.

As always we finished the week with our PE lesson in the hall. The children enjoy this so much.

Week 9

We started the week continuing our learning about 2D shapes. The children were able to recognise and identify different shapes including squares, rectangles, circles, triangles, ovals and semicircles. They were then able to tell us about the properties of each shape, including how many sides and corners they have. The children then had the opportunity to make pictures using different shapes in different arrangements.
Our topic this week has been Under the Sea. We had a book by the same title in the story suitcase, with different sea creatures to explore, play with and make stories with. We made a Hudson submarine out of a giant cardboard box, which the children have loved playing in this week. They have used their imagination well with this and have been travelling all over the place, exploring the sea creatures as they go. We also made our own octopus in Hudson. The children used paper and glue to make paper chains, which we then turned into the octopus tentacles. We decided to call him Ollie... Ollie the Octopus!
The highlight of our week was our class trip to the Hunstanton Sea Life centre. The children had an amazing time there and learned a lot about so many sea creatures whilst exploring. We were all so pleased that we got to see Ernie the Turtle, who was enormous!
The children wrote words and sentences about different animals and on Friday, we started a recount of our class trip, which we will continue with next week. We finished the week with PE, where we explored different ways of moving across, up and down the apparatus, climbing on the wall bars and finding different ways of jumping onto the crash mat.
A fab week!




Week 10

As it was science week, we investigated how a plant absorbs water through it's stem to nourish the head of the flower. We put white flowers into glasses of coloured water - yellow, orange, red, purple, blue and green. We hoped to have a rainbow of flowers when we checked on them the following day, where the coloured water had travelled up the stem into the flower petals. When we checked them the next day, for some reason, the experiment had only worked with the blue water. We are not sure why the other colours did not work, but we will try it again next week and change a small detail of the experiment. The flower that had turned blue was beautiful, and we could better understand how water travels through the stem.

In maths, we have enjoyed learning about 3D shapes. We explored cubes, cuboids, cylinders, spheres, cones and prisms, talking about their properties - how many faces, edges and vertices they have. We thought about 3D shapes we could find in class and at home and realised that they are everywhere!

In Literacy, we made a recount of our Sea Life Centre trip, last week. We thought about what we had seen through the day and made a recount map using this information. We made up actions to the recount to help us retell it verbally. The children wrote some lovely sentences about the trip, showing off their phonics and writing skills.

We all enjoyed dressing up either as a hero, superhero or in red, for Red Nose Day on Friday. Lots of superhero games were being played in the outside area, where everyone was enjoying the sun and the lovely weather. We finished our week off taking part in some balls skill games in the outside area. The children enjoyed throwing, catching and rolling the ball to each other, as fast and as accurately as they could!









Week 11

This week in Hudson class we have been learning about and exploring plants. We have learnt about how plants grow and the different parts of a plant being the stem, flower, petal, roots and leaf. We talked about how roots would be found in the soil. We also talked about how plants need sunlight and water to be able to grow.

With learning about plants in literacy this week children labelled and wrote a sentence about their flowering plant. Our independent writing skills have been amazing this week.

We then planted some cress seeds using a cardboard pot and tissue. We have put these on the windowsill to grow, we can’t wait to see them. We even planted some bean seeds in bags and taped them to the door to watch the roots and plant grow.

We have also been lucky enough to be given some potato seeds to plant. We had our pots and filled these with compost. We then made a hole in the soil and put in our potato seed. We then covered the potato and watered them. We have put them in the outdoor classroom to germinate.

We also looked at where our food is grow, either as a plant or on a tree. We talked about how some vegetables are grown in the soil and some above ground. We then talked about how harvesting these foods would be done by a tractor. We then talked about how in the past a horse would have pulled the equipment needed. The children were fascinated.

Also in maths this week we have been looking at subtraction. Children used cubes to be able to subtract their given numbers.

In addition to all this we have been painting and drawing plants, playing ball games and making Mother's Day cards.

To finish the week we had our usual PE lesson, which the children always enjoy.

Week 12

This week in Hudson class we have been learning about Easter. We learnt about how Easter is celebrated because Jesus died on the cross and then rose again. We learnt about palm Sunday and how Jesus arrived in Jerusalem. We learnt about how Jesus had his last supper before he was arrested. We learnt about how Jesus carried the cross and then died on this. We then learnt about how Jesus then rose again from the tomb. With this we sequenced the Easter story and wrote sentences about this. With learning about Palm Sunday we then made our very own palm leaves by cutting a leaf shape and sticking a pipe cleaner to make the stem. We then thought about how we celebrate Easter and how during Spring we welcome new life into the world, just like when Jesus rose from the dead. With learning about the cross we have also been doing some cross crayon rubbings, the children tried extremely hard with these.

In maths we have been doing some Easter maths activities. In this we have been using cube to subtract one number from another. We also had Easter eggs that we coloured in according to the number we calculated.

We have also been making Easter chicks and Easter cards. We have enjoyed our week by playing ball games, maths games, playing in the sand and also enjoying watching the snow and hail that arrived on Thursday then seeing how much hail we could collect into the containers.

To end the week we had our PE lesson which we always enjoy, this week the children took part in a spring and Easter themed yoga session.