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Wisbech St. Mary

Wisbech St. Mary

Church of England Academy
Diocese of Ely Multi-Academy Trust


SCHOOL CENSUS DAY IS ON 20th MAY! This is when all schools in the UK submit data to the Government about the number of pupils on roll, how many in receipt of free school meals, how many boys/girls and much more. This data decides the amount of funding our school will receive. One category collected is how many children take a school meal that day, and so we have a special menu for that day which we hope our children will enjoy (see below the special menu)!

There are no signifiant changes in the guidance for primary schools, ahead of the 17th May. Therefore, the procedures we had in place since 8th March will remain the same.

Our Remote Learning offer will remain in place, in its current form, in the event of a whole-school or partial (bubble) closure. For more information about our Remote Learning offer, follow the link : WSM REMOTE LEARNING OFFER

Please see updated Risk Assessment (from May 2021 onward).

COVID-19 * E X P E C T A T I O NS * A N D * R I S K *  A S S E S S M E N T

Please see below a copy of our expectations and Risk Assessment for the  reopening of schools in September.

Please note, these are working documents; all measures will be reviewed monthly and updated as necessary.