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Wisbech St. Mary

Wisbech St. Mary

Church of England Academy
Diocese of Ely Multi-Academy Trust

Summer 2020 (Home Learning)

At Pre-School we have been extremely busy learning at home!
We have explored ice adding natural pieces into the water and then placing into the water in order to freeze. The children were very excited to see it come out frozen and some kept wanting to check every hour to see if it was frozen. The children were encourage to try and experiment with different tools and cupboard ingredients to see which will melt the ice and release the flowers. 


We have explored messy play, we encouraged the children to attempt to make their own gloop, or use shaving foam, baked beans, custard etc. to explore the texture. The children used some fantastic fine motor skills to manipulate the ingredients, and amazing descriptive words too.



Last week was world ocean day so we decided to make ‘under the sea’ pictures, by blowing bubbles in paint and printing the bubbles on to the paper, then added our own made sea creatures to the picture. Some children decided to find everything blue and even watch a film ‘finding Nemo’ to run alongside the theme.


We have looked at bugs and creepy crawlies this week, and discussed how we need to care for our own animals and wildlife. The children have not disappointed and been out and about in their gardens and out on walks bug hunting, they found some amazing creatures. Some sent us pictures of how they look after their own pets too.

Some of our children were challenged to practice their writing and letter recognition by finding objects from around their house that begin with the letter of their name and then attempting to write the words down of each object (with some help). Some children made their own story board by telling their Mummies what they wanted on their pirate map, in order to find the treasure. Once completed they all dressed as pirates and went around the village to follow the map until they found the treasure at the end (and some chocolate too- of course).

Wow our children have been so busy since the may half term. We are super proud of our Pre-School children and the amazing learning they have been doing.

This week  Pre-School are learning about our emotions and our feelings, we have explored what makes us feel the way we do and eventually we will be working on how we are feeling about going to school with a new teacher and classroom etc.


                        This is Mrs Leuty, she is my class teacher

A link of the story of stick man was added on to Tapestry and the children were encouraged to watch the story and then explain how Stickman must feel throughout the story, the children have made amazing stick men.


              This week the children drew a picture of what they think their teacher will look like when they start school in September. Some drew their new reception teachers and some drew us at Pre-school. We think they are amazing!


This week Pre-school have been busy yet again home learning.

One child joined in the fun by designing her own outfit, by first drawing some designs of her outfit before making her final piece which she is modelling here.
We think she ‘Looks fabulous darling’.


Some of our children explored how an old coffee machine is made by taking the machine apart with their Mummy, looking at the mechanics inside it.


Some of our children have explored the country side in Devon, they have been on lots of walks and have been exploring little streams and waterfalls, finding lots of animals that live beside the streams.

Some children have been practising how to write their names until they could write all their letters, it took a lot of practice and patience and eventually they achieved it and felt very proud of themselves- well done.

Steph got herself in a spot of bother this week and needed to get to some hidden treasure but she had no way of getting there, the children were ask for some help and they made pirate boats for her to be able to get to the treasure that had been hidden by Michelle. The children didn’t disappoint they made some amazing boats and one with Steph in it too….


Pre-school home learning this last week has been a busy and fun filled one again.

Some of our children went out and about exploring the environment and feeding some animals they met along the way- one even took pictures of them with their own camera.


Some have been practising their writing skills,
one even practised mark making in the sand.